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Our Mature Dating Tips, 2016-05-18 Date Suggestions

A common question that WeJustFit members are faced with after signing up and speaking with local singles is where they should go on a date, once they have matched up with someone through our popular online dating site. We’ve compiled this date idea list to take the planning out of online dating, so you can simply relax and focus on the fun side of dating! We hope it meets your dating needs…


Date Ideas

  1. Meet for a Coffee date
  2. Restaurant date
  3. Cooking class
  4. Ice skating date
  5. Museum date
  6. Art gallery visit
  7. Ten pin bowling
  8. Aquarium date
  9. Double-date!
  10. Cinema or Theatre (with coffee/ drinks before and after)
  11. Picnic date
  12. Musical concert
  13. Cocktail class
  14. Salsa dancing
  15. City bus tour


Avoid as a First Date…

Netflix & Chill – Thus is essentially a ‘staying in‘ date. The best way to find out if ‘You Just Fit’ is to meet and date outside and enjoy a real, proper dating activity together, rather than meeting in your home. Avoid, especially as a first date.


Remember folks, trust your instincts and pick something that you think you’ll both like and enjoy as a dating activity, whether or not it’s on our list. If you’re at the point where you’re ready to go on a first date, then chances are you’ve spent a bit of time chatting and getting to know each other before looking to make that first in-person meeting. Choose something based on your conversations with the person, there is no definitive answer on what date will be wonderful. Go with what you feel will work best, always be safe and most importantly of all…have fun!

Date suggestions