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Our Mature Dating Tips, 2018-04-12 Getting ready for your Date. Part 3 – Phone a Friend

In part one we suggested a pre-date playlist and in part two we gave you some ideas for how to dress for your big date. Now it’s time to err on the side of caution and create your exit strategy, as some dates can be just too boring (or weird) to want to see through.

Like many before you, you’ve arranged an exciting date through WeJustFit and the last thing you want is pessimism. But that old adage that your teachers used to bring up around exam time is just as relevant for getting ready for a first date you’ve arranged online: when you fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

We advise that you take one precaution now that could save you a great deal of discomfort later. Trust us, there is nothing quite as tedious as a bad date – let us paint a picture for you. You’re sitting across from a guy who is clearly 20 years older than his dating profile picture depicted, with twice the weight half the hair. Plus, he’s got the table manners of a toddler and the conversation of a mute. It’s time to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire. It’s time to Phone a Friend.

This part is simple:

  1. Excuse yourself to go to the bathroom
  2. Call a friend (who’s been pre-warned that they are your ‘terrible date exit excuse’) and use the codewords “BAD DATE!”
  3. Five minutes later that friend should call you back and by that time you’ll be sitting opposite your date again. Her story is that her boyfriend has just split up with her and she needs you urgently for ice-cream and general men-hating
  4. You apologise sincerely but your friend seems “really down”. You tell him you’ll be in touch to rearrange the romantic encounter and get out of dodge

Plan this right and you’re prepared for the worst case scenario! Now…let’s get back to positive thinking again!