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Our Mature Dating Tips, 2016-06-01 Introduction to Online Dating

Congratulations, if you’re here then you’ve gone from someone who is interested on dating and finding love online to someone that is actually ready to join the growing, global online dating community!

At WeJustFit we know that some of our valued members will be new to this, so we wanted to put together this brief introduction to all things “dating”.

First of all, online dating is now the norm. Forget the stigma; the belief that looking for true love online is in some way a desperate or last ditch attempt at finding your soulmate. Now, it’s the opposite. It’s where people go first – ask anyone who is single if they have tried dating online and chances are the majority have tried it in some form or another.

Secondly, there is a reason for its popularity and ability to surpass the more traditional forms of meeting other singles. That reason? Time. When you meet someone online you can take things at your own pace, you can correspond with them over whatever period you wish and on our site you can even have webcam chats before you actually agree to meet in person. There’s no rush, like in a bar or nightclub or even on a double-date. You decide the next steps when you’re ready and you can chat with multiple individuals without feeling like you’re ‘playing the field’.

Finally, when you become serious with someone you’ve met online, you have a simple choice – to tell others met online or not. There is no right or wrong answer here. But we guarantee you that if you say you met online you will meet plenty of others who also found true love online. In fact, you may even meet people who found the missing piece of their puzzle right here, on WeJustFit.

Introduction to Online Dating